Communist violence in Kerala

The imminent demise of communism as an ideology and CPI(M) as a political entity in Kerala has frustrated its followers. They are running amok threatening and attacking political opponents. Recently, a pack of CPM hitmen attacked a demonstration by BJP in Thiruvananthapuram. 43 people were injured including ex-state president of BJP, V Muraleedharan and three others grievously hurt.

The notorious ‘killing fields’ of Kannur have not known peace for decades. Recently a prominent leader of CPI(M), P Jayarajan was arrested in connection with the murder of an RSS worker, Kathirur Manoj. Many more Marxist henchmen have been arrested for brutal murders and violence from Kannur in the past years.

A Hindu youngster, Anup was brutally slain in Kozhikode while conducting a dharna for implementation of Gadgil committee report for western Ghats protection. Locals accuse CPM men working as goons of the granite mining and sand mafia behind it as implementing the report would have affected their interests.

Although there have been many cold-blooded murders in Kerala, the 2012 lynching of rebel CPI(M) leader T P Chandrasekaran grabbed unprecedented attention in the media. It opened a platform for a debate on assassination politics and Marxist fascism. Till then, the intelligentsia, who were the beneficiaries of the bread crumbs of power used to whitewash the Marxist butchery by trivialising them as mere ‘political murders’. Consequently, the cries of the victims of Marxist savagery remained unheard. The two principal political formations in Kerala, the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the UDF, which have taken turns to rule the state have shown zero interest in punishing the culprits of political crimes.

The murder politics in Kannur started five years after the formation of CPI(M) in (1964) with the murder of an RSS worker Vadikkal Ramakrishnan. Had the culprits of the murder of Ramakrishnan been punished, Kerala would have had a more peaceful political history. Leaders like M V Raghavan were heading the CPI(M) when the killing spree was at its peak. Leaders like Pinarayi Vijayan and the Jayarajan trio grew up under his guidance. During the E K Nayanar regime in the 80s, terror became the accepted norm of politicking. RSS was quite popular then due to the fight against Emergency which drove the communists intolerant. Scores of Sangh workers were butchered. Worse, the media and intelligentsia who influence the public conscience chose not to condemn the brutalities as the victims were from RSS. Few ‘neutrals’ tried to justify the killings by depicting the prey and predator as two sides of the same coin. In short, political ‘genocide’ by Indian Stalinists have long been covered up by the media and intelligentsia. The brutalities of the Marxists in Kerala have no parallels.
In Parumala, party goons chased and pelted stones on three college students who finally jumped into a nearby river. As the stoning continued, they were unable to escape and finally drowned in the river. In Kannur, they chopped off both the legs of Sadanandan Master. A husband was slaughtered in front of his wife. Jayakrishnan Master, a BJP worker and school teacher, was done to death in his classroom in full glare of tiny tots. They didn’t even spare the poor reptiles of the snake park in Kannur’s Pappinisseri. None of these barbarous and horrendous crimes was discussed by Kerala society which boasts of 100% literacy since the predators were Marxists. Indian media dismissed them as local issues.

The Marxists apparently gain immense satisfaction from manufacturing martyrs. This is because, like any other Abrahamic faith, Marxism also banks on the emotional mileage a martyr can evoke in the general public. CPI(M) collected tonnes of money portraying the killers of Jayakrishnan Master as ” Revolutionaries of Mokeri”. The party looks after the dependents of the workers who go to prison for the Party. Twist is that while the kids of the leaders go abroad to obtain ‘quality education’ far away from the ‘distractions’ and violent politics back home, sons of poor workers sacrifice their lives to build up the party power structure.

Some of the recent murders, T P Chandrasekharan, Shukkoor murder, Fasal murder in Thalassery, reveals that all these slaughters were executed after careful conspiracy and planning, allegedly with the knowledge of the party leadership. The revelation by AP Abdullahkutty MLA, an ex-CPM leader about the comment by Pinarayi Vijayan regarding the necessity to learn from the ‘Bengal model’ execution techniques exposed the involvement of top leadership in the political genocide conducted by the communist party. Yet the media and intelligentsia abetted the crime by trivialising the bloodshed and manslaughter.

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