“We create the history of things we don’t know based on things we know. That is very normal” said Prof. P.J.Cherian, in connection with a recent documentary ‘Yaadum’ by Kombai S Anwar. As we know, Indian history is a hostage of ideological chauvinists who use the art of history writing as a tool to fulfill their agenda. The leftist school has an extra dimension as it aims to continue the ‘invader’s’ perspective of India by naming it as unbiased, scientific and secular history. Although ‘secularisation’ of history writing by leftist scholars decline the influence of Hinduism (dharmic values) within the Indian society, they actively encourage projecting Christian and Islamic imageries as a compelling force on the actions, behavior, and opinions of the society. In this context, it is important to analyse Kombai S. Anwar’s documentary, ‘Yaadhum’, which traces the roots of Tamil Muslims. According…

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