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The #AdarshLiberal gang, as twitter nowadays refers to them, in their ‘religious’ zeal to defame the BJP and its mentor the RSS as fascists and intolerant towards the so-called (religious) minority communities, has a long back crossed even the red line of sanctity, crossing which will only make you look like a retard of the highest order. Paranoia of the #AdarshLiberal gang ramped at the peak on 16th May, 2014 as the unthinkable happened. People gave the BJP, led by Modi, a resounding and historical mandate- a mandate of 282 seats, i.e. majority in the Lok Sabha to the BJP. Since that day, the paranoid #AdarshLiberal gang has been attempting all sort of attacks- personal to political, on Narendra Modi. BJP and RSS and even the majority community, referred to as Hindus, too has been dragged into their attacks. Be it the matter of pinstriped suit, or Modi’s inevitable…

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